3 Showers!!

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Yaaaay!! Its November, the countdown begins. Finally. My October went so fast that I’m still absorbing the events. Like sand seeping through your fingers then before you know it, its gone….so fast. I was so broke, my goodness!! I literally had to borrow money a few times, had to go without airtime for a while, and claim I was doing a social media/technology detox hahahaha struggles!! Broke-girl-problems. I had to fantasize about my craving because I couldn’t get my hands on what I desperately yearned, saliva, water and basically what was available came in handy. Hard times I tell you, still I survived and God showed me just how He is in my business and tactfully using people for my sake. Who do you know who’s had 3 showers!?? Hhm-mmm come on!! 3showers, get out!! I’m not having twins or anything, just one precious baby, and the showers came in succession I needed a whole week to literally sit and absorb and come to the point of being convinced really, I am loved.

My friend always told me I am loved, it was one of those things you nod to but then it kind of fails to register or if it does, for just a split second, like a flash of lightning and whoosh!! Gone, darkness and thunder!! Over and over God has revealed this to me so clearly but I guess I was just blind to it or stuck up in my own issues. It took, not one or two….three!! Showers to come to a point of eye opening hehehe I know! God the things you do in my life!!

My family surprised me, literally!! I did not see it coming. My cousins came with gifts and words of insight, they were genuine and their words rich in wisdom and knowledge of what to expect. I was happy. I wish I could say more but I’m tired, yeah exhausted. You’d think my fingers are the ones to do the pushing and they need rest hahahaha, a pregnant woman and her drama. From deep down I’m grateful for all my family members did for me. The words, the gifts, the journal…oooh my!! And just the thought, totally splits my heart.

Just when I thought it was over, the church came through hihih. It was so clear that something was up but oblivious me who already had a shower the previous day could not even come to the point of being convinced that this was another shower. That being the deal breaker, I was caught hehehe surprised, couldn’t believe they did this to me a second time. I had fun, I was happy and I’m really grateful to these girls for showing their love and taking time to tell me they’re here for me.

A week later I was innocently going for a sleepover at a friend’s place after church. I was determined to have a chill afternoon with deep conversation plastered in laughter and funny flashbacks of our past experiences together. Hmmm who was I kidding!!? My friends from campus had things under their sleeves and I did not see it coming. I enjoyed every bit of it. These are girls I’ve known from 1st year of school, we did things together and grew together. Their support has been remarkable and they each, in their own ways have gone out of their way to be there for me….waaaah that’s a lot of “they” “their” “there” in one sentence.

I’m truly humbled by what each group did for me, how they loved on me and how they have been there for me all through. I honestly can’t find words to say thank you. God bless you all and just know you really touched my heart in a special way.


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